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Will Fredo Soon Be Taking Trump Pills?

It was announced yesterday that Fredo aka Chris Cuomo had tested positive. The big question now is will he eventually take what seems to be the most effective drug combo, hydroxychloriquine and Z-Paks? A French study, as well as reports from patients themselves, show that it is an effective treatment but because it was highlighted by President Trump, liberals are now downgrading and mocking this treatment. What adds to their antipathy for this treatment is it has been nicknamed Trump Pills and #TrumpPills is now trending on Twitter. So what are the chances that Fredo will swallow his pride and eventually swallow those Trump Pills? We at the DUmmie FUnnies wish good health to Fredo in large part because of the inadvertent comedy material he has been providing. And in order for him to keep providing that comedy, he should consider the Trump Pills. Oh, and if they do work for you, Fredo, please don’t forget to thank a certain president for bringing them to public attention.