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Are you sitting at home in isolation going stir crazy with weeks more of the same ahead of you? Well, the source of your agony comes from people EATING BATS. I realize that bats are an important part of the world’s ecosystem but I still find them to be disgusting critters. The last thing I would want to do is eat them. Even the thought revolts me and this video confirms just how nauseating bat eating is. However in some cultures bat eating is acceptable. Well, in light of the recent problems perhaps folks in those cultures might want to think about cutting bats OUT of their culinary activities. Most offensive are Western food tourists such as the idiot in the video with the red bandanna who thinks it is exotically cool to dine on bats. No, it’s NOT cool to eat bats plus activities like this are killing thousands of people and wrecking economies around the world. And yet people are STILL eating bats. Stop it! STOP EATING BATS!!!