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About Whatfinger News & Privacy Policy (Below)

Welcome to Whatfinger News (Trademarked)

The main news page can be found by clicking here. It is the best link news site on Earth. Yes..we’re biased in that description, but we’re honest. Try it out. This section though is the video and blog sub-domain of Whatfinger News. Originally it was our own personal thumbs up, thumbs down or the middle finger ratings on just about anything and everything. We also highlight FOX, CNN, Rebel Media, Mark Dice, Black Pigeon and most other news sources with videos and commentary for your enjoyment.

No other news source like Whatfinger News…

We do it in a unique way, showing you opposing views for specific issues (such as MSNBC vs FOX). This is how you get to the truth, by digesting all points of view and then coming to your own opinion and conclusion. In other words…FREEDOM to think and feel and learn without censorship.  This we believe is unique to Whatfinger, compared to other news sites. We’re obsessed by the news and devour it each day.

You could say, we are in a relentless pursuit of creating the greatest go-to link news site ever. 

Whatfinger News was founded by military people and 100% unapologetic for being patriotic. That doesn’t mean we don’t show opposing views, sites and papers. We do and label them on the homepage in sections or individually – unlike other sites that might trick you into clicking into sites that you would never want to visit. Not us!

In our increasingly partisan nation and world, it’s always good to at least have opposing views at your fingertips to give yourself a more rounded and worldly understanding. It is interesting to see the titles of a news item and then see what those who disagree with you are thinking and saying. It can be quite revealing, and unsettling. But such is life, in all of its craziness. 

If you are easily offended, this is not the site for you.  

Honest…if you are a ‘snowflake’ in any way, you might have a heart attack and die from what you will find here on both ends of the spectrum. We do not believe in censorship here, and we do not believe in the fake speech codes of the politically correct. Our Bill of Rights DOES NOT have a clause for ‘hate speech’. There is no such thing as hate speech and if you believe there is, then you have no clue as to why the Constitution of the United States was written as it was. If there is any speech that needs to be protected, guess what? It is what you consider to be ‘hate speech’.  So put your big boy or big girl pants on, man up and be prepared to learn more from this site than from any other news site in existence. That’s our pledge to you. 

Use our homepage at Whatfinger.com for a few days and you will quickly catch up on all current events, especially in the U.S. You’ll have fun doing it, with a little humor thrown in for balance.

Life is here to enjoy as well as learn all about the issues. This is a missing element on most other news related websites. 

We also post news here fast, usually faster than any other site out there, sometimes not. So enjoy the news, the tips and the blog articles and video news from all sources all over the U.S. and the world.  Let us know if you give us the thumbs up, down or even the middle finger. We can take it.  We listen to all but obviously can’t respond to all criticism. You’d be surprised at how crazy some people are. Or maybe not… 

If you have something really interesting that you think we should post, no promises but you can send it to us by email – (Please copy over – we don’t put a direct link due to bots email us at whatfingereditor@gmail.com – we use gmail due to them being better at spam control than our own server. Our direct email though is editor@whatfinger.com

Thank you for being a reader, we appreciate your visits, truly! 

In the military you learn to respect all different types of people. Our brothers and sisters all come from every race, color and creed. We are truly Americans and understand the greatness of what our Founders created. This is something those on the left have no idea of. They think America is just some other nation. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are the light in this world and only the left is ashamed of this. But then again, most want us all to be ‘equal’ as in equally poor like in their ideal Venezuela. What’s wrong with them?

If you enjoy the site please share it with others. 

With Great Respect, 

………..Staff of Whatfinger News. Sgt Pat, Sgt K, Sgt L , Mike R, and many, many volunteers…


LAST UPDATE 4/10/2023 
Simplest and Easiest To Understand Privacy Policy You Will Ever Read​
1. We DO NOT collect any information from you.  No emails, no info at all.  Third party advertisements and Google Analystics collect data but do not identify you individually in any way while on the site.  
2. If you click on an ad, be aware that ads are by third party companies that DO COLLECT  info for their own marketing purposes.  That’s why if you search for ‘Tasmanian Devil’ in your gmail search or google, you then within a day or two see ads all over on many many sites trying to sell you Tasmanian Devil slippers or zoo visits or whatever.
3. We take privacy seriously, and will never force you to click any terms of service or other apps and will not ask you to ‘sign up’ and share your email address either. ​​

4. We may at times take commission for ads and links placed on the site, other than in the widgets from the major advertising companies such as Revcontent, and MGID

If you need extra clarification,  please feel free to email us at editor@whatfinger.com

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