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President Trump WARNED Us About China And He Was Right, China GLOATS That Can Take Away Our Medicine

Donald Trump WARNED Us About China And He Was Right, America Facing SERIOUS Medicine Shortages. Amid the growing crisis around the world we are faced with two realities one of which is terrifying. American is facing a serious shortage of medical supplies and medicines as most of it is made in China. Not only are we dependent but now China is gloating that they could cut us off and we would be helpeless. Regardless of your opinion on Trump’s reactions he has been warning us since before he even got elected that we needed to stop the dependence on China. In September Donald Trump ordered US firms to leave China and many did, days later US officials warned that our dependence on Chinese medical supplies would be a serious vulnerability. Now amidst a growing crisis we realized it was all true. Democrats mocked Trump, resistance media types and far leftists dragged him over his tariffs. But he was right the whole time.