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Meet Naomi Seibt, The Anti-Greta. Conservatives are ALWAYS more intelligent than their leftist counterparts… See below

Naomi Seibt considers herself a ‘climate realist’ and is emerging to challenge Greta

For those of you who still have fallen for the fake science of the left after they scream ‘97% of Scientists agree’….blah blah blah) UNDERSTAND they are lying and the study cited is fake and called out long ago. Look at the videos we list (just 2) on the right on our Science Mega News link page CLICK HERE or pick below –

Guranteed Debunking of Climate Change Scam AKA Global Warming

The video to send to everyone citing the ‘97% scientist consensus’ on climate change  CLICK HERE

My Gift To Climate Alarmists (Climate Alarmists Debunked)  CLICK HERE