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Graham on Russia probe report: ‘The day of reckoning is here’ says the Great Talker…*read below

Sen Graham Scam: Sorry, he sounds so wonderful. Does he not? Over and over, he makes so many promises and yet NOTHING IS EVER DONE. This is why we call him Senator Graham Scam, or at least I do (Sgt Pat) as I am allowed by Whatfinger to state my opinions that are now ‘widely held’ on the right.

Right NOW: If Senator Graham Scam were real, he would fulfill his past promises. He can – right now bring Brennan, Comey, Clinton and the rest of the cabal against our Constitution, before the Senate to testify. The Dems are doing it, attacking nonstop. What does Senator Graham Scam do? PROMISE to do this and that. Sounds wonderful. Promise to do this and that and end this and that injustice, SOUNDS WONDERFUL. OVER AND OVER – SOUNDS just fantastic.

Now get off of your lying rear and actually DO SOMETHING other than talk, Senator Graham Scam, Prove us wrong, please. We’d rather have you on our side and working to fight for freedom and President Trump, rather than a continuation of only talking about it all… my opinion Sgt Pat.