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In William Barr Trump Finds Tool Against Political Enemies, Investigators (Fake News MSNBC – Barf Alert)

You want to see fake news – here it is. Lies right from the start, fake news, omitting news, this is MSNBC.  Rachel is the leader of the Democrat media machine. Her audience is huge (for the left) and all good leftists watch her show. For me, it is difficult to get through this clip.  The following is MSNBC’s description of this video – From MSNBC:  Rachel Maddow shows that Donald Trump’s “Lock her up” mantra is more than a political gimmick, and that William Barr is the attorney general Donald Trump has always wanted both for protecting Trump and for persuing Trump’s politcal enemies and the leaders in the intelligence community who thought it was important to investigate when it became clear that Russia was trying to help Trump win the presidency.

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