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MUST SEE: Sen. 'LION' Cruz Grills Google on Allegations of Politically Biased Censorship – Please share with EVERYONE…

We must fight for freedom in anyway we can. Might as well fight now with your keyboard and word-of mouth, so we don’t have to fight with bullets come 2021 when a Democratic Socialist takes power – and they will.  Unless Trump Acts… Even liberals now promise that Trump CANNOT win if he does not pull the plug on social media. THIS IS A GUARANTEE FOLKS – a leftist who will be voting for whomever the Dem is was on Tucker tonight 6/25 and said that Google and Facebook can easily sway 15 million votes in 2020 and did it with millions of votes in 2016. This is NOT a joke, it is a red alert for freedom. if Trump does not stop this ASAP, long before the election, gun confiscation is coming and so is a second American revolution.  We are not backing down, freedom is worth fighting for. Please share this…   P.S.: Help us call Cruz ‘Lion’ Ted Cruz, as he is a major target of social media fakers and politicos and our  awesome president kind of nuked the man when competing for the nomination when he coined him as Lyin’ Ted Cruz.  Lion sounds much better, as he is a Lion for freedom. 

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