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Not good – BREAKING: Russia's State TV Instructing Russian Citizens To Start Prepping For The Armageddon!

This isn’t a joke.  This is Russian TV and how they are flipping out over Syria and what can happen. it is in Russian with English subtitles.   We need to all step back from this.  Cooler heads are needed as Tucker and many, many others have said.  Take a look at what the Russians are saying… It always pays to know what a potential enemy is doing. On that – they can be friends and this is all for nothing.  Why are we in Syria to begin with?  Where’s our President Trump we voted for who said it was better to not be there? That was before the election.  But now, the Deep State wants War. As we all know, they Deep State gets what they want, right?  I hope not.  President Trump can stop all of this…  (More below video)Whatfinger News – Click here and you will be addicted with just one visit.  We promise. With more news and links daily than ANY news site, Whatfinger News is a news junkie fantasy land, and without the fake news. In fact we call out fake news.  >>> Click hereThe Deep State is the same entity that says Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election. We all know the facts of it all now. So why is it that they have so much power? How can Rosenstein set our president up over and over, and yet he supposedly works for Trump?  Something isn’t right…Come in to Whatfinger News and get all sides to all news. The more informed you are, the better off our world is.   CLICK HERE for Homepage.

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