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Uranium One and the Clinton Connection; The Real Russian Scandal is all Clinton and Podesta…

In this first video we see Hannity exposing some details as to how much the Clinton Foundation received from Russia. Get this…well over 100 ,000,000 (100 Million Dollars). Not only that, but Podesta, Clinton’s advisor and manager during the campaign, received 35  Million while advising Hillary. See link below for revelations on it all, and it’s all public record. Nothing like the fake accusations against TrumpClick Here For Whatfinger. The Great Link We Call It. See why…Trump Helps ‘Fox & Friends’ Promote Story On Podesta-Russia ConnectionMore VideosBREAKING!!! IT’S HAPPENING! WHAT THIS OBAMA AIDE SQUEALED ON LIVE TV WILL PUT OBAMA BEHIND BARS!!!TUCKER CARLSON CAN’T SLEEP AFTER THIS NSA AGENT TOLD HIM THE 1 THING THAT’LL BURY OBAMAObama Laundered 3 Billion For His Slush Fund To Give To Left Wing ActivistsMore videos? See Whatfinger – click here

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