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Tucker Carlson FULL Explosive Interview With Milo Yiannopoulos On UC Berkeley Riots!

We’ve all seen the facist riots in Berkeley. Supposedly it began in reponse to Milo Yiannopoulos’s planned campus meeting. The left is now notorious for stoppping anyone from exercising the right of free speech if  you dare disagree with them. Here is Tucker on it all.  More info and Milo’s own video response to the riots are below Tucker’s interview. Also lots of snowflake videos for your amusement and enjoyment. Trump is making them all insane. is it not fun to watch or what?  Here is Milo addressing the riotsClick here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events. politics and political humor. CLICK HEREMilo Yiannopoulos: Berkeley riot ‘self-defeating for the social justice left’
Social Justice and Snowflake VideosHere is a small collection of the snowflake videos, of the leftists who just lost their little minds. President Trump has a way of driving them all mad. Is this not a wonderful and awesome time to be alive?  Enjoy them and spread them to friends so they can laugh as well. But first… there is rioting in California, see why here. It’s not just about Milo obviously. It is about Trump and his so-called Muslim ban. 1.5 million views – fake news created to hurt Trump  – click here and tell all  – 
The Truth About Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Has Left and Media Lying Again
Big Bang Theory’s Amy Fowler Anti-Trump Meltdown – another snowflakeMy all time favorite since I am a big Trekkie.  – – – – – What if Captain Kirk met Ashley Judd – Don’t tell me this woman is NOT on drugsHysterical Snowflake Calls Lab Coat KKK Meeting on Campus. Insanity! Click HereTop 5 Anti-Trump Feminist Meltdowns To Bring a Smile To Your Face“I Coined Snowflake, live with it.” See a Real Life Snowflake Harass a Trump Supporter.Metallica Guitarist Kirk Hammett Anti-Trump MeltdownFor Patriots, check out this politically incorrect author. Allfather Saga is spreading all over the net.   Click here or below for my own write up on the book when I first discovered it coming from recs over on Star Trek and fantasy boards on Reddit. Click here for my article called:  Drudge and Breitbart Helped Trump Save America – This is Amazing – Take a look at the names on the maps I posted. There are more but you can see a lot at this link.For breaking news, current events and leading commentary see >>> Breaking News

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