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Trump Meets Merkel But Coulter Says Putin Is A Better Help Against Radical Islam Than Germany…

Ann Coulter on a roll on Fox Business. Obliterates Angela Merkel of Germany, demolishes courts. Putin a better ally against radical Islam.Click for Whatfinger…the greatest news site that ever was and ever will be. (Ok we watch way too much Game of Thrones…)Ann Coulter’s book is on sale now. Check it our by clicking the cover. Inside…Donald Trump won the presidency by being a one-man wrecking ball against our dysfunctional and corrupt establishment. 
Now Ann Coulter, with her unique insight, candor, and sense of humor, makes the definitive case for why we should all join his revolution.
The media have twisted themselves in knots, trying to grasp how Donald Trump won over millions of Americans and what he’ll be like as president.
But Ann Coulter isn’t puzzled. She knows why Trump was the only one of seventeen GOP contenders who captured the spirit of our time. She gets the power of addressing the pain of the silent majority and saying things the “PC Thought Police” considers unspeakable.  
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