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Super Bowl Liberal Propaganda Backfires BIG TIME

What’s wrong with these corporations? What’s wrong with celebrities? Why can’t they all keep their opinions to themselves? Well we all know the truth. Bud, Audi, Kelloggs, they are turning their customers away with political corrrect nonsense. Hate political correctness and have a Kindle? Check this out. Says Trump built the Wall, saved America and had Breitbart and Drudge’s help. Excellent sci-fi and fantasy novel series on Amazon. Here’s my article on it.  Click hereThe book is called Allfather Saga, by C.K. Sheldon if you want to look it up later, or click here for the Amazon pageDon’t buy the paperback. Way too much $, but the Kindle versions are cheap, all 3 books too cheaper than one paperback. My article on it has some maps I stole from the authors site. Look at names on it. 🙂When Meryl Streep attacked President Trump, Diamond and Silk hit back in a fast video. Check this out.  Advice to all companies out there: Shut the F–k Up!  Do your business and don’t ram your opinions down anyone’s throat.  Or else you will lose $, especially if you are against America and all for political correctness. This is not the 1960s, this is not the 2000s either. Clean your act up or kill your income off.  Click the following link as an example of what happens when the snowflakes of this world make up facts and attack President Trump with fake news and fake charges.  Don’t fall for the media’s lies.  Click the following link.  The Truth About Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Has Left and Media Lying Again

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