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Raw: Moment of Explosion Inside Coptic Church – The Palm Sunday Bombing By Muslim Fanatics

This is raw footage, very short and you don’t see much. Muslim nut jobs in Egypt decided to once again pick on Christians. it may be time for Christianity to rise up and destroy this alien war religion. How long until a leader comes forward to say this very thing, I wonder? A video has emerged showing the moment a bomb detonated at St. George’s Church in the city of Tanta. The video, which was being broadcast live on the church’s YouTube channel, shows a choir singing on Palm Sunday before an explosion is heard. (April 9)Click for Whatfinger Breaking News…the only news site you’ll ever need, in our opinion. We bet you agree. Click here…Links related to Muslim fanatics and their normal routine of killing people who are not MuslimsIs Islam a Religion of Peace? 20 Questions For MuslimsBlondes Are Not Having More Fun As Muslims Rape and Rampage Across SwedenGermany: Muslim boys “find their identity” beating JewsThe Truth About Sweden – And Nothing But The Truth. Trump Right AgainPainting Mohammed With Bob Ross, I mean Crowder – And Lots More To OffendClick for >>>>>>   Whatfinger News – Breaking NewsOutside links to the story…Egypt: Isis claims responsibility for Coptic church bombingsAttacks on Christians in Egypt Undercut Sisi’s Promise of Security​