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MSNBC: President Donald Trump Doesn't Take Russian Hacking Seriously: Dick Durbin (Barf Alert – but funny)

These people are just diseased in their heads. I have no other idea as to why they still keep pushing a fake story other than what those CNN producers said, it’s all for the ratings. Ratings that should slide more and more now that the truth is out. The story is fake. But let them play their games.  They think people beleive them.  As each American finds out the scam they’ve been running against our president,  the left losse votes. Keep up the great work, media.  From MSNBC: Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill, discusses the GOP effort to overhaul health care, revamping the ACA and the president’s upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.Subscribe to MSNBCClick here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events, politics and political humor. The ONLY site that shows you footage and video from all news sources. CLICK HERE

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