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Le Pen Looking good as French Start Fighting Back vs. Muslim Street Gangs In Open Street Riots…Trump was right!

The French are fighting for their country, Rather than sit by and let the PC left destroy them, they’re now fighting back against the Muslim hoard. This is looking better and better for Le Pen. The left in France can’t hide what’s going on… Let’s see them cover this on CNN. Click Here For Homepage – The Great Link We Call It. See Why! if you are a news and info junkie, it might be your go-to site for info almost instantlyMore Videos on Muslims Destroying Their Host NationsFrance’s Last Stand: Can Le Pen Save France From The Globalists?Blondes Are Not Having More Fun As Muslims Rape and Rampage Across SwedenThe Truth About Sweden – And Nothing But The Truth. Trump Right AgainThe Left & Islam: An Unholy AllianceIs Islam a Religion of Peace? 20 Questions For MuslimsBREAKING : Paris Burning – Media Blackout. Le Pen: Brink Of Civil War 
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