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Greg Gutfeld Makes You Laugh On Pelosi, Schumer, Russia, Spying and…

‘Schumer, Pelosi and Perez. What are 3 things that that make you puke, for a thousand, Alex.” Greg Gutfeld brings humor in this ultra tense atmosphere we are in politically. Refreshing and funny. This was his show on March 4th, 2017.  More political humor below this video. You… will laugh! Click Here For Homepage – The Great Link We Call It. See Why! if you are a news and info junkie, it might be your go-to site for info almost instantlyMore Political Humor Here at Whatfinger (We dare you to NOT laugh) -Crazy leftists Now Trying To Make Furries Normal To Attack Trump – Even MSNBC Laughed hard-Big Bang Theory’s Amy Fowler Anti-Trump Meltdown – another snowflake-What if Captain Kirk met Ashley Judd – Don’t tell me this woman is NOT on drugs-You’ve Gotta Love Millennials – Hilarious and True SongTop 5 Anti-Trump Feminist Meltdowns To Bring a Smile To Your FaceGreg Gutfeld’s Humor & WitHow To Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively CorrectIt’s not enough to be right, these days—especially when you’re not left.
To survive, the right must learn how to express nonliberal principles as effectively as possible, and persuade others of their point of view. It is an art that demands patience, research, humor, understanding, creative thinking, learning from your opponent and even mimicking their tactics.
In How to Be Right: the Art of Being Persuasively Correct, Gutfeld reveals the strategies that have helped him keep a steady job for almost three decades.  From “Discard Your Outrage” and “Outcompassion Them” To “Find the Right’s Obama” and “Use your Mom,” Gutfeld gives readers the tools they’ll need to argue, influence, and convince their friends, family and foes throughout the 2016 election cycle.  
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The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph over Whiners in the Age of Phony OutrageFrom the irreverent star of Fox News’s Red Eye and The Five, hilarious observations on the manufactured outrage of an oversensitive, wussified culture.

Greg Gutfeld hates artificial tolerance. At the root of every single major political conflict is the annoying coddling Americans must endure of these harebrained liberal hypocrisies. In fact, most of the time liberals uses the mantle of tolerance as a guise for their pathetic intolerance. And what we really need is smart intolerance, or as Gutfeld reminds us, what we used to call common sense.

The Joy of Hate tackles this conundrum head on–replacing the idiocy of open-mindness with a shrewd judgmentalism that rejects stupid ideas, notions, and people. With countless examples grabbed from the headlines, Gutfeld provides readers with the enormous tally of what pisses us all off. For example:
– The double standard: You can make fun of Christians, but God forbid Muslims. It’s okay to call a woman any name imaginable, as long as she’s a Republican. And no problem if you’re a bigot, as long as you’re politically correct about it. 
– The demonizing of the Tea Party and romanticizing of the Occupy Wall Streeters. 
– The media who are always offended (see MSNBC lineup)
– How critics of Obamacare or illegal immigration are somehow immediately labeled racists. 
– The endless debate over the Ground Zero Mosque (which Gutfeld planned to open a Muslim gay bar next to). 
– As well as pretentious music criticism, slow-moving ceiling fans, and snotty restaurant hostesses. 

Funny and sarcastic to the point of being mean (but in a nice way), The Joy of Hate points out the true jerks in this society and tells them all off.  
Click Here For Homepage – The Great Link We Call It. See Why! if you are a news and info junkie, it might be your go-to site for info almost instantly

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