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CNN: Trump urged to spell out his foreign policy – Panel discusses Trump's actions

After U.S. military action in both Syria & Afghanistan as well as the threat posed by North Korea, Trump is urged to lay out his foreign policy plan. CNN ‘s panel voices their opinion. Click here for Whatfinger Breaking News. For the latest commentary, current events. politics and political humor. CLICK HEREMore news and commentaryJudge Jeanine: The left can’t get over their election loss -Time to wake the hell up. Trump Is Our President, cut the crap!TUCKER CARLSON CAN’T SLEEP AFTER THIS NSA AGENT TOLD HIM THE 1 THING THAT’LL BURY OBAMACongress Investigating Massive 3 Billion laundered by Obama…Is Obama hiding in Tahiti knowing he is caught?25 Extraordinary and Rare Photos You Didn’t See In History Textbooks – Part 1More Videos and News – Whatfinger News  – Your News Hub – Click here