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25 Extraordinary and Rare Photos You Didn't See In History Textbooks – Part 1

Most of the photos in this video are stunning if you love history. Enjoy…. Visit The Indicrat on Youtube   See below other videos for a list of photos in this videoClick here for Whatfinger Homepage. Your New Go To For News. We bet you love it! 25 Extraordinary and Rare Photos You Didn’t See In History Textbooks – Part 2Book on left is BLANK – nothing on the pages and it reached number 1 on Amazon for weeks! Click cover for video on itMore VideosGeorge Carlin – Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be MannersWhy Modern Art is Absolute CrapOmorosa Gets Feisty On The View And Smacks Down Joy BeharSnowflake Sarah Silverman Anti-Trump Meltdown – More Snowflake VideosTop 5 Anti-Trump Feminist Meltdowns To Bring a Smile To Your FaceFor more videos see Whatfinger home click hereCompilation of Powerful, Stunning, Strange Photographs From History…List of Photos Below
Filming of the MGM opening credits (1928)
A Punt Gun, used for duck hunting, banned because they depleted stocks of wild fowl, 1910-1920
Priest praying over Titanic victims before they are buried at sea
Hitler and Speer mesmerized by the Schwerer Gustav, one of the largest artillery pieces ever used in Combat (1941)
The only known photo of a living Quagga at the London Zoo (1870)
A market in early 1900’s New York City
Sikh soldier of the British Army fits gas mask to mule (circa 1939 – 1945)
Post D-Day, Omaha Beach 1944
Louis Armstrong playing trumpet for his wife at the Giza pyramids in 1961
American soldier assisting a woman out of a cave during the battle of Saipan
Pyramids Giza, Egypt
Construction of Eiffel Tower, 1887
One of the world’s first underwater photographs, taken in 1893
Boy watching TV in store window in 1948
Queenie, the first elephant to water surf (circa 1950)
A lineman giving CPR to a co-worker after he accidentally touched a high voltage wire (1967)
Kids licking ice, NYC heat wave, 1911
To promote liberty bonds, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. holds up Charlie Chaplin at Wall Street, 1918
The Test pilot George Aird narrowly escapes death by ejecting sideways from a prototype jet that nosedived, 1962
The unbroken seal of the tomb of Tutankhamun, untouched for over 3000 years (1922)
During the Oil Crisis, the roads were so deserted that people could have picnics on highways (1973)
Back when computers didn’t have screens
In 1956, a Pan Am plane was needed to transport a 5 MB hard drive
Well-dressed beggar running alongside King George V’s coach (1920)
The very first individual to be captured on film. Bet Hannah Stiley wishes she smiled a little.
Music: Here Today Gone Tomorrow by Dhruva Aliman

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