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Reactions to Nancy Pelosi’s Captain Queeg Meltdown Over Stimulus (The full nutty interview is linked below)

If anybody had any doubt about Nancy Pelosi going Full Mental Jacket over allowing President Trump putting his signature to new stimulus checks before the election, her interview with Wolf Blitzer in which she channeled Captain Queeg should convince even many Democrats of her unfitness for the office of House Speaker. As you can see in this video, even those not necessarily big Trump supporters but who are big on the nuts and bolts of the stimulus package are now flat out blaming her for holding up the bill. BTW, where is Joe Biden in all this? Who will be the first brave reporter to ask Biden whether he thinks Pelosi should take the deal?

Pelosi interview gets heated: You don’t know what you’re talking about (That full interview where she lost it) CNN vid at Whatfinger – CLICK HERE