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Watch Jill Biden Hyping Castro’s Cuba

There is a lot of controversy brewing about Joe Biden’s possible VP pick Karen Bass praising Fidel Castro as well as her participation in the Venceremos Brigade which supported the communist regime. However, as you can see in this video, Biden’s own wife (and Edith Wilson wannabee) Jill Biden also hyped Castro’s Cuba without a word of criticism of the brutal government controlling every aspect of life there. Instead, you can see Jill Biden being treated to the rosy Potemkin Village presentation in which she was a very willing participant during her visit to Cuba in 2016. We haven’t yet heard a word of criticism from her of the communist regime ruling Cuba with an iron hand but since her husband is now running for president, don’t be too surprised to see a “clarification” on this from Jill in which she will criticize (under political pressure) the government down there…but only because she has to for election purposes.