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History: August 4 – On this day back in 1914 Germany invades Belgium causing Great Britain to declare war on Germany

What do you know about the German conquest of Belgium in 1914? The German invasion of Belgium (1914) during the First World War started in the Summer of 1914. According to the German Schlieffen Plan the German army of WW1 had to make a circular movement through Belgium to defeat France. When the Germans advanced through Belgium they fought at Liège, Halen, Namur and Antwerp. Furthermore Louvain was sacked and the Louvain University Library burned to the ground. Apart from the Sack of Louvain, thousands of Belgian civilians were shot by anxious German soldiers who were afraid of francs-tireurs (Belgian partisans). During WW1 Belgium was never fully occupied because at the Yser Front the Belgians fought on. How did ‘Brave Little Belgium’ fought during World War One? History Hustle presents: The German Invasion of Belgium during the First World War. Recorded in Fort de la Chartreuse (Liège, Belgium) in May 2019. Because I lost the audio files I wasn’t able to make a proper video about it. Later I retrieved the files so here it is!