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A Nation Under Siege – LN Radio

Just as we start to get our feet back on the ground, the nation is ground to a halt again by peaceful protests infiltrated by sociopathic elements exploiting the pain, and hijacking the true narrative about police misconduct. We’ll examine the backwash from all this with voices from multiple angles, including the sad descent of New York City, with the brilliant author Heather MacDonald discussing hard data to disprove the notion that white people commit most interracial crime. Plus, Bill Gates … you know him as super wealthy, but did you know he also seeks to control world health? Political columnist Pennel Bird from LibertyNation.com joins us to discuss his landmark three part series on the world’s second richest man, and the designs he has long had on vaccinating the entire world, like it or not. Plus, with all the voices decrying the actions of those cops in Minneapolis, LN Legal Affairs Editor Scott Cosenza discusses concrete solutions. Read articles related to this topic here: https://www.libertynation.com/?s=Minn… Visit https://libertynation.com today! The Uprising Podcast: https://www.libertynation.com/ln-podc… The Rabbit Hole Podcast: https://www.libertynation.com/the-rab… LN Radio: https://www.libertynation.com/ln-radio/ LNTV: https://www.libertynation.com/ln-tv/