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The Hilarious Dark Cloud Hanging Over Amy Klobuchar’s Vetting Process

We have reached the absolutely ABSURD point in history in which a major political party, the Democrats, now consider it absolutely TABOO to use an anti-malarial drug, that has been in wide use for 65 years, as treatment for a severe virus. Yet that is where we are to the extent that the revelation by Senator Amy Klobuchar to Michael Smerconish in a radio interview that her husband used that politically forbidden treatment now threatens her possible vice presidential nomination in the middle of a vetting process. The next few weeks will be quite fascinating as the mainstream media will probably tried to avoid that dark cloud hanging over Klobuchar despite the fact that, as a result of the DUmmie FUnnies revelation about this topic yesterday, millions of people on the Web are already quite aware of poor Amy’s conundrum. Note: The use of these brief video clips are obviously for purposes of commentary thus constituting fair use by all that is sacred and holy.