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Joe Biden Auditions for ‘The Ring’ at His Tampa Virtual Rally

For a very frightening moment when Joe Biden first appeared in his glitch-filled Tampa Virtual Rally, I feared he would crawl out of the screen like that girl in “The Ring.” The rest of his video is similar with Biden seeming to fade in and out of this space-time dimension or was the Starship Enterprise trying to unsuccessfully beam him up? What you see here is what actually happened at Biden’s virtual rally. I did not in any way alter this already surreal video. To make things even weirder, at the conclusion of Biden’s appearance, the video is hijacked by a very loud chirping bird. What made it especially strange is that although Biden’s voice faded in and out, the bird could be hear chirping clearly the whole time with no choppiness. Perhaps Joe Biden has a supernatural force field surrounding him that causes all these technical glitches. Paging Rod Serling!