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History: April 9, on this day back in 1865 Lee’s Surrender at Appomattox ending The Civil War

The first preview from season three of the historical series — this action is taken from part 10 of the series and details the final fights and surrender in Virginia on April 9th 1865 – 154 years ago. General Robert E. Lee portrayed by Gary Nation… General U.S. Grant portrayed by Mark Lacy and President Abraham Lincoln portrayed by Fritz Klein. Filmed on location in Central Virginia and at the Appomattox Courthouse National Historic Park. This is a showcase of our Historical Recreations work for the Fox Series “Legends & Lies: The Civil War.” Dramatic Recreations produced by LionHeart FilmWorks and directed by Kevin R. Hershberger. *** ONE WAY YOU CAN SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL! If you love military history, and to collect and model the great warbirds of the past – please visit our friends at Air Models in the UK – Each purchase really helps this channel out: http://airmodels.net/?aff=60 ***