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Barr talks China’s global impact in exclusive ‘Ingraham Angle’ interview

Deep State Barr, thus far has done NOTHING to get the coup plotters who attempted the destruction of the U.S. and to put Hillary Clinton into the White House. Investigation after investigation, all ignoring the facts as Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has pointed out. Even now, April of 2020 the DOJ has proven itself to be the Deep State or part of it – rejecting justice and allowing those who attempted to destroy freedom, Trump and the American Republic to go free. As of this writing, Barr is all talk… and has not done ANYTHING other than talk. Much like the great talker of the Senate, Senator Graham Scam who to this day STILL has not deposed Brennan, Clinton and all other criminals he promised to depose.

A dark time has descended on the United States, and it seems they must soon move on our gun rights to impose their global world order of leftist insanity, When they do, they will not like the result.