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Trump Helped Save Democrat Rep’s life with Hydroxychloroquine. People saved all over America. Media and Dems in despair.

More on the Chinese Coronavirus aka Covid 19 – the name given to it by the Communist controlled World Health Organization (WHO) to add to the lies already told about the virus, and protect China. German Measles, Spanish Flu, Chinese Coronavirus. Not that difficult to understand that we use names with locations where the disease began. Only the fake news media can call it racist.

Live: President Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold White House press briefing CLICK HERE

Media Goes BERSERK Over Hydroxychloroquine Taking Center Stage. Many clips CLICK HERE

10 Most Severe Cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome Caused by Coronavirus – Excellent clips CLICK HERE

Thousands of doctors agree hydroxychloroquine is best treatment for coronavirus patients CLICK HERE