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Media Goes BERSERK Over Hydroxychloroquine Taking Center Stage. Many clips

The media is emotionally and politically invested in President Trump being wrong about the possibility of hydroxyychloroquine, along with Z-Paks and zinc, aka “Trump Pills” as a cure. They were triggered by Sunday’s White House press conference as the subject of hydroxychloroquine dominated the discussion. The usual suspects, CNN and MSNBC, were especially outraged. Not only did the CNN reporter at the press conference attempt to push back on hydroxychloroquine but also Brian Stelter was quite upset over the possibility that this drug could WORK. The following day, Morning Joe went into extreme meltdown mode. Joe Scarborough himself flat out stated that “this drug” does NOT work. In addition, Mika even suggested that Trump was corruptly trying to make a fast buck by publicizing “this drug.” The biggest fear that the media has now is that hydroxychloroquine, in combination with other drugs, will work thus proving themselves WRONG yet again. They just can’t stand the idea that the “Trump Pills” could be the game changer in the current crises.