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Live Stream: Are the MSM Helping or Hindering?

A NOTE TO CONCERNED CITIZENS EVERYWHERE. People are scared and rightfully so. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, folks are panicking as news gets more dire and ominous and foreboding, Schools closed, stock markets tumbling, panic in stores, fights over toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Mask(ed) hysteria. Store runs on everything with no end in sight. Mindless idiot pols and leaders giving press conference that say nothing. Let us use the marvelous connectability via social media and YouTube to stay connected and calm through reasoned interaction, support and information. Please join our immersive LiveStream Conspiratorium daily and receive and provide the support and love that we as humans need. That simple. In #LionelNation there’s only simple truth, one requisite. Verity. Bold, brash and naked. There are no political parties, no predetermined direction or cause. Just truth. We’re not conspiracy theorists; we’re conspiracy analysts, borrowing from Gore Vidal.

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