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Democrats In Absolute CHAOS As Panic Over Party Collapse Goes From Bad To Worse After Nevada Caucus

Democrats In Absolute CHAOS As Panic Over Party’s Collapse Goes From Bad To Worse. The freak out over the continuing collapse of the Democrat party has gone from bad to worse to absolute chaos. With Bernie Sanders landslide victory in Nevada Democratic establishment elites are freaking out and screeching over the collapse of the party and the impeding Trump 2020 landslide. As the far left gains ground among the Democratic Party more and more elites and even never Trumpers are sounding the alarm bells. The days of the DC Swamp are coming to an end. Facing a fight on both fronts their days are numbered. Republicans of course are defending Bernie and gloating over the chaos and panic among Democratic establishment players. I’m already buying popcorn for the glorious moment when “never trumpers” come crawling back to Trump.