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He Did It AGAIN: More Racist Comments from Bloomberg Uncovered

02.18.20 | Despite all of the racist and sexist comments being uncovered from Mike Bloomberg’s past, he still qualified for Wednesday’s presidential debate. And a study has found that the coronavirus is much deadlier than the common flu. At what point do we need to panic? And President Trump pardons ex-Gov. Blagojevich. What caused him to make this decision? And President Trump calls out former President Obama for attempting to take credit for the booming economy. Sorry Obama, the facts are on Trump’s side on this one! Today’s Sponsors: Patriot Mobile is the only company that donates a portion of your phone bill to support conservative causes. Starting at $25, plans come with unlimited talk, text, and the same reliable, nationwide service with no hidden fees! Get free activation and a free gift when you open a new line with the offer code NEWS at https://patriotmobile.com/news