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A schoolboy died under the wheels of a truck (Warning – Graphic) and sad to see such a senseless death (30 secs)

Viewer discretion is always advised when watching this video or any others videos. I do not take any responsibility to your trauma, psychological and/or mental harm. I do not recommend anyone to attempt, act/reproduce, and/or create hate from what you see in this video or any other videos. A young resident of Khasavyurt died under the wheels of a truck when he crossed the road to a red traffic signal. The surveillance camera recorded the moment of a terrible accident. The accident occurred at about 10 a.m. on November 27 at the intersection of Kirov Street and the Kavkaz federal highway. The frames show that the student decided to use the traffic jam and cross the roadway, without waiting for the permission signal to light up. To his misfortune, he stopped in front of a Volvo heavy truck and ended up in a blind spot. The driver did not even notice the pedestrian and calmly started off after the passenger car. The heavy car quickly stopped, eyewitnesses rushed to help the victim, but it was too late – the boy received serious injuries and died on the spot.