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NEVER leave your pet at a grooming place… Damn disgusting what happens here… This will upset you… Poor cat.

Keep me motivated by donating to https://paypal.me/thisisbutter Viewer discretion is always advised when watching this video or any others videos. I do not take any responsibility to your trauma, psychological and/or mental harm. I do not recommend anyone to attempt, act/reproduce, and/or create hate from what you see in this video or any other videos. Starts at 7:15 A video showing a disturbing act of animal abuse is circulating on social media. Surveillance video, recorded in May of 2019, shows a man throw a cat against a wall at Carolina Grooming in West Ashley. In the video, you can see two individuals working with animals inside the business when a man enters the room and begins holding the cat down for another groomer. A little past seven minutes into the video, the cat becomes upset and the man attempts to restrain the animal before grabbing it by the back and slamming it against a wall and onto the floor. “You can’t do that,” said one of the other groomers in the video. “I said let him go,” she said. The company acknowledged the video in a Facebook post on Wednesday. “Attention all customers. It has come to my attention that there is a video of a cat being mistreated at Carolina Grooming,” the post reads. “The owner of this cat lost his temper and flung The Cat when it bit him.” The post went on to say the manager tried to hide the video and was fired once it was seen. “Now he’s using this video to ruin the shop’s reputation when he, in fact, was the one running the shop. He is also used fake Google accounts and has gotten friends to leave fake reviews,” the company posted. Carolina Grooming has received hundreds of comments regarding the video.