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Graham: House impeachment probe ‘is a danger to the presidency’ *

Mr. Senator Talker, if there is danger how about returning fire. As you promised many months ago, why hasn’t Brennan, Comey, Clinton, Obama all been called yet to testify? What’s the problem? Why are the Republicans ALWAYS on defense? Fight for freedom, fight for justice, or you are proving yourselves to be tools. Tools of the Deep State. ACT – Do IT NOW, as promised. Senator Graham Scam…. My opinion… Sgt Pat

What Finger would you give this Senator?

Thumbs up, Thumbs down or the the Bird? For me this character is one of the best talkers lately, but formerly a Deep Stater. So now, I’m at thumbs down due to not doing anything to help, other than talk. Another fake promise by Graham and I have to say the Bird is well deserved. Senator Graham, you can be a hero to the people. DO SOMETHING.