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Gen Z Millennial Snowflakes Mock Elders Who Created This Mess

Check out The Patriot Post: America’s News Digest http://bit.ly/31Q2vJ7 —– Memes and hashtags multiply with “OK Boomer” (or #OKBoomer), a sarcastic slap from Gen Z to mock their elders who created this mess — whether that’s climate change, wars, political division, economic hardship, lack of health care, and more. Bill Whittle thinks it’s funny…at first. #EpicRant warning. #OKSnowflake The entire deep archive of Bill Whittle Now lives at https://BillWhittle.com Listen to audio versions of Bill Whittle Now on your podcast app: Apple – http://bit.ly/BWN-Apple Google Play – http://bit.ly/BWN-Google SoundClound – http://bit.ly/BWN-SoundCloud RSS Feed – http://bit.ly/BWN-RSS