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911 call and police dash cam of Sacramento County Sheriff’s officer involved shooting

Dash cam starts at 4:53 The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has released a dashcam video of a confrontation between a deputy and the suspect he encountered in Herald on Sunday, October 6. The deputy responded to numerous 911 calls of a suspicious man sitting in front of the home on Bennett Road. A caller told police the man was known to carry weapons. The deputy approached to find the suspect laying in a ditch. As he asked for identification, the deputy noticed a weapon in the suspect’s waistband and began giving him verbal commands. The suspect then reached for his weapon in his waistband and the veteran deputy, fearing for his safety, fired his weapon at the suspect. At least 9 shots struck the suspect and he was pronounced dead. The suspect was later identified as 55-year-old Maurice Holley, from Herald. The sheriff’s office says the gun turned out to be a Glock-style airsoft gun. The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office is conducting an independent review of the shooting. The responding deputy, a 19-year veteran of the sheriff’s department, is on administrative leave.