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This is the perfect contrast between political left & right. An leftist coward spit in this man’s face because of politics. The man doesn’t retaliate (49 secs)*

I have a record. I admit I have done violence… Going to jail for 6 months or even a few years would be 100% worth it. If this fuc***er spit on me he would be hurting. Don’t care if camera’s are recording. I understand this is an older guy though… and I get I’m young and ready to fight. And as far as what Benny said, about the Right being more tame. LOL – You have no idea at how vicious we are ready to be. Come a revolution, which the left seems willing to try with gun confiscation, leftists will be kicking the breathing habit all over the U.S. Don’t know what happens after, but during a revolution, one here, I and millions will be ridding our nation of the communists and socialists in media and politics. ….Sgt Pat.