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Facebook’s Mark “$70 Billion” Zuckerberg Backs Bernie “Ban Billionaires” Sanders

Visit The Patriot Post: America’s News Digest http://bit.ly/2o1dT6B —— Facebook’s CEO Mark “$70 Billion” Zuckerberg echoes Bernie “Ban Billionaires” Sanders — tells his staff that “no one deserves that much money.” But he’s not sure how much money someone should have. At the last FB staff meeting, he said Elizabeth Warren’s crusade to breakup social media would “suck” for Facebook, and he would fight it and win. Is Zuckerberg boasting, or does his Progressive heart break at the thought of America’s tragic income inequality? Bill Whittle Now with Scott Ott is a five-times weekly production of the Members who fund it, and who run their own dynamic blog at a private site, beyond the toxic sewer of social media. Join them today and find your people at https://BillWhittle.com/register/