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Top 10 Times Bystanders Ruined News Broadcasts

All these times bystanders ruined new broadcasts were news stories in themselves. We interrupt your regular programming with this breaking list! We’ll be taking a look at the most hilarious, inappropriate, or cringeworthy instances of bystanders wrecking news reports. WatchMojo ranks the times bystanders ruined news broadcasts. Which news broadcast did you find the most awkward? Let us know in the comments! Watch more great TV related content here: Top 20 Most Awkward Moments on Live TV – https://youtu.be/egGRsIogNfM Top 20 Hilarious News Reporting Fails – https://youtu.be/g81YUDRFojw Top 10 HILARIOUS Weatherman Fails – https://youtu.be/KEjOme9ucRs

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