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  • Might want to do a bit of research. I woke to a couple of church elders on this matter. They’re requesting only the congregation come unarmed. Each location has it’s own trained, armed, plainclothes security. No to my tastes, but I don’t think there will be any mass shootings at these churches anytime soon.

    • Not…maybe a few wards where the hierarchy goes to services. I am Em. Prep leader for our stake and had active shooter exercise last Fall for stake with city police and emergency responders. Now that is shit down and there are no member/security or paid security and I live in Utah. We are sitting ducks.

  • Mormons are an appendant body of jewish freemasonry. It is “white masonry”. Originally, only whites could be mormon and wife and child sharing was/is the norm as well as “honor killings” or “blood atonement” as the mormons call it. Not much difference between judaic, sharia, mormon, scientology “oral tradition” aka secret oath that leads to being an honorary “lion of judeah” no matter which group you take your oath in, follow the money and it’s all funded by judea, which you just became a member of btw if you join these groups and many others. You see, they are all the same and correspond with each other. Mormons seem like nice, middle class people but they, like others, must pimp out their children or wives to rich pedos/pervs to attain and sustain it. Like all the rest. Don’t be fooled by the many protective proxy groups orgs, frats, religions, etc… in the end, they are all owned and you will regret it. MAGA.