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History: August 31 – On this day back in 1897 Edison Patents his Kinetograph – or movie camera – paving the way for Hollywood and movies and TV…

#OnThisDay in 1897, Thomas Edison patented his Kinetograph motion picture camera design. In the late 1800’s, inventors all over the world were working on the possibilities of capturing motion through still images, and Edison was among those pioneers. What makes his invention special is that he used it to dominate the early film industry. While his business practices were ruthless, Edison was one of the key factors in the birth of modern film, and today U.S. Money Reserve celebrates his invention.

In the 1890s, Thomas Edison worked with his assistant and part-time photographer, William Dickson to create a motion picture camera. They created a series of short films that could be viewed on a coin-operated, peephole viewing cabinet called a kinetoscope.

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Aug 31, 1897 Edison Patents his First Camera – the Kinetograph

Thomas Edison received the patent for an invention his labs have been working for several years – the Kinetograph – sparking an entire industry. CLICK HERE