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President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Manchester (8/15/2019)

Right Side broadcasting: Donate link: http://rsbnetwork.com/donate Purchase the coins seen on today’s broadcast: http://dismecoins.com offer code RSBN for an exclusive discount! Purchase the coffee seen on tonight’s broadcast: http://doyoucovfefe.com Thursday, August 15, 2019: Join RSBN’s Liz WIllis, Max Kleiber, Zoe Bethel and cameramen Miles Kleiber and Gage Fuller for live all day coverage as President Donald J. Trump holds a campaign rally at SNHU Arena in Manchester, NH. President Trump is expected to speak at 7:00pm EDT. President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Manchester, NH 8/15/19 Subscribe to RSBN for more LIVE streams and Breaking NEWS: http://bit.ly/2gDGbkh Donate to RSBN and help keep us on the air: http://rsbn.tv/donate Follow us on Twitter for breaking news updates: http://twitter.com/RSBNetwork Like us on Facebook for more live streams and updates:


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  • I’m sorry but Trump is NOT pro 2A. He has already attacked it more than once and has pledged to do so again with red flag laws. This man is ignorant of the meaning of the 2A.

    • There is a myth that Trump is a “loyal” person. Loyal to WHOM !!?? Find ANYONE who Trump has NOT betrayed? Trump betrays/cheats on his wife(s) Trump betrays his Creditors everytime he declares another bankruptcy . Trump betrays employees constantly by backstabbing and cowardly “tweet firings” …… Trump betrays Christ by groveling to Israel … Trump betrays his “base” through his breaking of EVERY promise.

      Trump betrays 2nd ———–

    • well then, don’t vote for him and you will get more than you every dreamed of….. and I am not talking about freedom

      • I don’t think USJoe is suggesting voting for a Democrat. I happen to agree with him, and I will write in a name that I know will never go anywhere versus voting for a Democrat. President Trump has outlawed bump stocks, and his words were that we would have background check like we’ve never had before. I vote for Trump and think he is light years better than Clinton, but I also do not believe his convictions conservative in his heart of hearts. Trump has a tendency to leap before he looks. I have never been at ease with Trump as I would be with a solid conservative.

        • Well Bob, I guess you have to vote your conscience. However, writing in a candidate that you consider a bonafide conservative, is kind of like spitting into the ocean, and in fact would make more likely the United States being put back in the hands of the Democrat Party which looks more like Cuba’s communist Castro party!
          Look, you are right, Trump is not a bona fide conservative. He is a populist, he’s a businessman.
          His statements about background checks and red flag laws are never going to happen. The the Republican Senate Senate is never going to approve any legislation that limits the Second Amendment. TRUMP’S statements were simply to placate the Squishy Centrists in this country who were all up in arms about El Paso and Trump didn’t want to look like he wasn’t going to do ANYTHING, so he made statements about how we have to do something “about crazy people and guns”….THESE ARE JUST WORDS! How many politicians make statements to that effect and it never goes anywhere??
          It will never happen, and even if the Senate were to propose such a bill… trust me you… the NRA would be up one side of them and down the other…plus red flag laws would not pass muster with the Supreme Court….
          You may not be completely at ease with Trump, but consider the alternatives …

  • Dems have nothing and no one to challenge Trump in 2020. It will be interesting to watch the polls in the final stretch, and hilarious watching coverage of the election returns.

  • You are correct! The Dims have NO PLATFORM, not a single VIABLE CANDIDATE and the antics of Jerry Nadler and the so called “Squad” make the the whole party look batty. Pelosi has lost control of her caucus.

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