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    • Waiting long time for charges to be made on ALL of them …….. starting with Hillary & all who partook or assisted in trying to pull off the biggest coup attempt ever in our country. Pos’s Every one of them & MUST serve time.

  • The globalists have every bridge, dam, tunnel, road, etc. of any consequence all ready for demolition if they feel their plan or their future is threatened. This is why they are so self-assured that they will prevail. Their ‘tantrum’ will destroy countless areas (and lives) of the earth.

  • Its not simply “a coup against President Trump.”

    Its a coup against Government of the People, by the People, for the People.
    Its a coup against the People’s Right to chose the leaders of their Government.

    • You Sir are 100% correct. A civil war is likely the only way some of them will avoid Gitmo.
      Some deserve the gallows, so civil war is desireable for many reasons.
      I must say though, I wonder if our President has the sand to see this through.
      We are naive if we think there aren’t possible deadly consequences for important conservatives if the full letter of the law is levied against the roughest beasts.

      This must be remembered as the law moves slowly and jumps over certain obvious opportunities for convictions. It may be to preserve an innocent persons life.
      Trump: “I don’t want to hurt them they’re good people”
      Seth Rich wishes he had said that.
      Others before him also.

  • I am dumbfounded listening to this Tom Fitton uncovering this hell messed going on with these US corrupted Leaders do just to against Trump. Trump just run for American President and selected voted for him by Americans as any other American past President . why Trump? I don’t know all but I know this one Fact. Trump is a Billionaire coming to American White House and Trump do not give a Shit who anyone in Washington is. They are all Swamp Dwellers and all needed to get DRAINED to the bone. That is why President Trump is so much hated and disliked by these Swamp Dwellers. For years they have lied to American people. Even today as Trump uncovered their filfiness and ugliness Corruptions to All Americans and to the world. We love you President Trump. They. could hate you to their graves but one single fact Stands. Do not messed around with. President Trump because he don’t give a hell who you are. Trump walked in to the White House of America with his pocket full of dollartitled BILLIONAIRE and he don’t give a Shot who are. Trump Will. Strip You Off With Your Ugliness Til You Stand Naked to the world. GO TRUMP 2020. WELOVEYOURHONESTYTO AMERICA.