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OANN Exclusive: FCC Commissioner touts merger of T-Mobile, Sprint as boost to America's 5G rollout

One America News reporter Neil W. McCabe interviewed FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr about his support for the merger between cellphone giants T-Mobile and Sprint as well as its effect on America’s upgrade to fifth generation, or 5G, cellular service. (More below video…)Carr said if the combination is allowed to go forward, the new company plans to invest $40 billion in new technology and infrastructure. He also said that while the first priority is for America to get 5G, he is also aware of the national security risk of having hostile foreign governments and their proxies, such as China through the company Huawei, having access to the U.S. information grid. Carr said the FCC is looking at the possibility of ordering Huawei off all U.S. systems and networks.

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