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WORLD THIS WEEK Sri Lanka attacks, Spain elections, Macron's press conference, Extinction Rebellion

How the French and Euro’s see the world. Yes – INCREDIBLY biased. So biased in fact that even if you are a real socialist, like the ‘Extreme Right Wing Le Pen’ – who could only run alongside AOC as a Democrat Socialist – and is even further left than that!.  But – being the biased nut cases that European news is dominated by, even she is ‘Right Wing’.   Take a look at this PC nonsense…From France 24: François Picard’s Friday panel of journalists looks at the Sri Lanka attacks, the expected return of the far-right in Spain’s general elections, French President Emmanuel Macron’s first Elysée Palace press conference after nearly two years in office and whether London’s Exinction Rebellion protests will trigger change in the fight to stop the destruction of the planet.

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