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'Unplanned' Shatters Box Office Estimates In Opening

‘Unplanned’ Shatters Box Office Estimates In Opening The pro-life film “Unplanned” took in double the estimated ticket sales during its opening weekend and topped Disney’s “Captain Marvel” in per theater sales. According to The Hollywood Reporter, tracking of ticket sales heading into the movie’s debut weekend suggested “Unplanned” would garner… (More below video)$3 million; however, the Christian-based film ended up earning $6.1 million at the box office, landing it in the top 5. The movie screened in 1,059 theaters, giving it a per-theater average of $5,770 and putting it slightly ahead of the Disney distributed “Captain Marvel’s” $5,100 tally in 3,985 theaters. The superhero box-office smash was currently in its third week of release, Box Office Mojo reported. “Unplanned’s” $6.1 million total marks the second-highest debut for the faith-based Pure Flix studio, behind the $7.6 million opening for 2016’s “God’s Not Dead 2.” “Unplanned” is also the first R-rated movie to be released by Pure Flix, though some in the media argued the rating was meant to hinder its reach. The film tells the story of Abby Johnson, a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic turned influential pro-life advocate. “Unplanned” thanked “the people who maliciously and falsely reported UnplannedMovie to @Twitter,” because it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the number of followers skyrocketed from approximately 7,000 before the ban to more than 260,000 as of Monday morning. “Unplanned” will be expanding to 1,700 theaters for its second weekend out.