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Mueller wanted to get himself fired by setting FBI raid in motion: Ann Coulter

What better than Ann Coulter on with Lou Dobbs, going after Mueller? Politics and drama and the fake Mueller probe is what it is all about. Very soon the people will be getting justice.  Political…. (continued below video…)Whatfinger News – Click here and you will be addicted with just one visit.  We promise. With more news and links daily than ANY news site, Whatfinger News is a news junkie fantasy land, and without the fake news. In fact, we call out fake news.  >>> Click here… commentator Ann Coulter discusses the FBI’s raid of President Trump’s personal attorney and the DOJ inspector general’s report that said former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe authorized a leak to The Wall Street Journal.Join us at Whatfinger News –  We’re biased but fair and show all sides, unlike the mainstrea media.   CLICK HERE

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