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The Urgent Requirement to Abolish Diversity and Inclusion

Author: George DraperContact: Bill8652@Hotmail.comIf there was ever any doubt as to the intent of the phrase “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” then there is no need to look any further than Diversity and Inclusion.  Diversity and Inclusion is highly-organized and is the definitive centerpiece of the premeditated strategy for the devolution of the United States.  Diversity and Inclusion is the platform from which all other vicious anti-American political agendas are expeditiously carried out against this Nation.  Presidential Executive Order 13583 – Establishing a Coordinated Government-Wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce is proof of this claim.  Urgency stipulates decisive action to dispel the disguised, devious, and fictitious myth of the goodness of Diversity and Inclusion and to “ring the alarm bell” to expose the subterfuge of Diversity and Inclusion as the most deadly nemesis of the United States – for Diversity and Inclusion is truly “the enemy from within.”  Diversity and Inclusion is deceitfully portrayed as essential for the United States to be successful.  Within this, Diversity and Inclusion is cleverly depicted as a benevolent community movement focused upon social justice, corporate responsibility, and civil unity.  It is nether.  Rather, it is a United Nations (U.N.) Trojan Horse (by way of the U.N. “Social Inclusion” strategy) designed to relegate the United States to third-world mayhem.  In this way, Diversity “proponents” are disloyal to the Constitution and have no allegiance to the United States.  Diversity is an anti-American political agenda that is designed to change the culture of the federal government and corporations so that the culture of each is the same – including contiguous cities and towns.  Diversity, as a derivative of the U.N. Social Inclusion plan, is designed to clandestinely destroy the United States from the inside out by the “transformation” of public education and university systems, government and corporation workforces, and nearby municipalities into a collectivist workforce thus contributing greatly to forming the global U.N. “society for all.”Diversity is a stealthy political maneuver that serves as the family tree for most every threat this Nation faces yet is unrecognized and not understood.  Diversity is diabolically hidden in plain view and is at the core of the accelerated national decline of the last decade.  There is critical necessity to rapidly remove the strangling tentacles of Diversity from this Nation’s religious, private-sector, government, military, public education, academic, news, marketing, advertising, and entertainment bodies if there is true desire to stop the current ruthless irreversible course to national disaster.Diversity articulates perfidious government policies that are enacted through costly Diversity programs and funded by unaware taxpayers.  One example is that of federal immigration laws being grotesquely violated during the two President Obama terms.  The intentional expansion of a voting block was one motive.  However, the primary motive was the deliberate dilution of the dominant American culture to thrust the United States into third-world bedlam. This is evidenced by “practitioners” of Diversity demonstrating an unbridled commitment to instigate violence.Diversity can only be accomplished by ignoring incompatible third-world cultural behaviors and rejecting First-World American ethics which inescapably disrupts civic harmony – and this is a principal objective of the mortal Diversity scheme.  The recent “statues” incidents in Charlottesville, the current discussions regarding “civility” (civility will only worsen with Diversity), and the on-going NFL player “kneeling” episode are examples.  Diversity is causal to multiple simultaneous societal degradations.     Diversity is rooted in the exploitation of third-world abuses and is designed to foment third-world chaos.  First-World accomplishments stem from legitimate integrity resulting in dependable law and order.  The former and latter are mutually exclusive and never shall the two meet.  Preferential treatment for the benefit of those in “privileged” demographic categories promotes separation and obviates the obligation for peaceable assimilation.  
To the worse, Diversity promotes an anti-assimilation posture.  Privileged treatment of selected minority demographic groups enforces that “special persons” need not assimilate, can take, and that various levels of government and society will pay these “special persons” to not assimilate.  This is an important distinction.  
Assimilation is vital for cultural continuity and to carry forward an integrous and secure American society.  To the contrary, Diversity is intended to promulgate, through cultural dilution, separatist hostility which is corrosive to the societal civility of the United States – and this too is by design.Supporters of Executive Order 13583 and Diversity and Inclusion, including each member of Congress, serve as subversive agents for the destructive Diversity stratagem.  These public servants brashly violate oaths of office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  Cowardly support of Diversity is proof.Diversity, including the wrongful forced incursion of minorities into the American workforce, is already not boding well for multiculturals.  Increased deceptions at all levels of government, increasingly immoral corporations, a weakened military, and wrecked families correlate to the implementation of Diversity programs and are foreboding indicators that Diversity is on the march to terminate the United States.  Corroborating evidence is summarily censored.  The thuggery of political correctness prevents these and other allied facts from becoming a matter of public dialogue.There is ubiquitous resentment by unassimilated minorities of the steadfast American work ethic.  Hence, the chosen option due to underperformance and fraud that is inherent to respective cultures and gender is to deny truth, steal American accomplishments, and re-write history under the fabricated justifications of being “held back”, “underprivileged”, “offended”, and “entitled.”  Accordingly, unlawful discrimination, cultural portrayal reversal, human demoralization, and demolition of American society are malicious methodologies used by nefarious orchestrators of the Diversity tactic.  The baseless disdain for “white accomplishment” has been shrewdly masked by the contrived lie of “white privilege.”  Diversity programs negatively alter federal government and private-sector workforce cultures by uniformly “lowering the bar” and refusing the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) prerequisite to hire qualified employees in unlawful exchange for hiring multicultural employees to satisfy minority employment quotas.  These malevolent quotas are designed to facilitate the infiltration of employees that have questionable loyalties to the United States.  The intent is to eviscerate the federal government and private-sector of competent “corporate memory” requisite for efficient government services.  Concomitantly, removing “corporate memory” also removes the “Rule of Law” from the workplace – and the United States.Immediate discontinuance of the illegal Diversity scenario assumes added urgency.  Executive Order 13583 sanctioned the hiring of thousands of traitorous, wittingly or otherwise, federal government and private-sector employees who are representatives of unassimilated political and incongruent cultural factions.  These treacherous personnel represent a significant internal National Security threat and have and will continue to take unceasing opportunity to cause irreparable damage to the United States.  Appallingly, this illicit employment paradigm continues to this day.Diversity is an unlawful attempt to usurp The Constitution of the United States and is dedicated to giving unwarranted favoritism and extraordinary treatment to remarkably unaccomplished and unqualified minorities.  When rights are given to a preferred group then rights are punitively removed from a less favored group – which ignites discrimination and lights the fire of racism.  This severe bigotry enforced by Diversity is a violation of Civil Rights and the omnipresent pervasive patterns of discriminatory activities demonstrates that the bellows of Diversity are stoking the flames of intensified violence.Diversity is not the same as EEO.  Diversity does not enhance EEO.  Diversity is antithetical to EEO.  Diversity is prejudiced to hiring employees based upon preferred race, color, culture, age (millennial), or gender to satisfy minority quotas and is not based upon qualification.  EEO legislates hiring based upon qualification without prejudice to race, color, culture, age, or gender.An antonym of “unity” is “diversity.”  Genuine “integration” cannot be accomplished without authentic “assimilation.”  Diversity is a disingenuous communal ideology and fatalistic government mandate.  The dishonest third-world Diversity political ploy is toxic to the First-World achievement of the United States.  It is not possible that whimsical “novelty politics” can be the basis for the sustainment of an ethical, viable, and accomplished United States including safe and vibrant cities.  Diversity is aggressively eroding the American standard of living and quality of life and is belligerently installing the murderous third-world “new normal.”  This monumental deterioration is a result of the choreographed federal government implementation of Diversity programs which are ultimately centered upon the brutal disintegration of a cohesive American society.  The multitude of divisive Diversity operatives are installing third-world corruption within the federal government and American corporations and will continue to inflict these injuries for as long as permitted – to include the ruination of every city, town, and neighborhood.  To not cease the anti-American operations of Diversity is ensuring the demise of the United States.  In this regard, Executive Order 13583 is neither constitutional nor Congressionally approved legislation.  Consequently, the utmost priority must be to instantly contact the President and Congressional representatives in both Houses with direction that Diversity and Inclusion be swiftly defunded and eliminated in entirety.Diversity and multiculturalism offer no record of accomplishment.  Moreover, both propagate exclusion with design to savagely fragment and “de-assimilate” the United States.  It is not possible to overstate the urgent requirement to demand that lethal Diversity and Inclusion be abolished from the American landscape.  This is the first and foremost act that is crucial for the survival of the United States.Additional Information –Book: “Diversity and Inclusion: What You Don’t Know and Why You Don’t Know It”– eBook, Kindle Format, $2.99:https://www.amazon.com/Diversity-Inclusion-George-W-Draper-ebook/dp/B01MR08DHV– Hardcopy, $4.99+Shipping: ici@Your3Votes.comYouTube Documentary: “Diversity and Inclusion: What You Don’t Know and Why You Don’t Know It” https://youtu.be/lWn59uftgdoBiographyDraper was formerly a manager employed by a prominent defense and aerospace contractor.  He has previously written a book titled: “Change Management: An Old World Civics Lesson for the New Age, A Citizen’s Handbook” published in 2011.  His latest book: “Diversity and Inclusion: What You Don’t Know and Why You Don’t Know It” was published in the Fall of 2016.

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