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Hillary Caught Conspiring with Russia to Frame Trump!! The whole situation summed up beautifully in under 4 minutes

If you want up to date info on the whole scandal, Mark does well in this fast video with clips and details. You’ll know it all, at least up until 10/25/2017.  The ONLY thing missing is the revelation that the corrupt FBI has a serious hand itn all of this illegall. Tucker just called them ‘a rogue armed agency’  This is serious and we’ll post Tucker vids later this evening on it. For more Select Mark Dice Vids click here                             Mark Dice YouTubeClick Here For Whatfinger’s Homepage – The Great Link We Call It. See Why! If You are a news and info junkie, we think it will be your go-to site for news and info almost instantly with videos from all sources world-wide

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